My name is Lynne “Tiger” Taggart. Most of the people that know me call me Tiger, and here is a little about who I am.

Growing up I was very athletic and extremely fit. Doing over a 100 chin-ups or pushups wasn’t nothing. Running long distance was fun for me. I have won lot of ribbons, awards for the activities I participated in. As a kid who moved every two years due to military life; I had a lot of exposure too a lot of schools and typically was the fastest and most athletic kid in the school.

When I turned 17, I joined the United States Navy, and the first few years I was killing the physical tests where the observers would accuse me of cheating and not running to the turn around spot, only because my time was really impressive. They would make me run the course again and would place observers through the course to verify I was not cheating, only to improve my time second time. After a few years of this I guess I got a little cocky and slowed down on my daily activities of working out.

Many years later I thought I was having some chest pain and reached out to my cardiologist. He had me do a dye test to check my blood circulation which was extremely good from what he told me. He also had me do a stress test, which is where you are in a room full of people that have you on a tread mill that raises every three minutes while hooked up to a lot of wires for 12 minutes. During my test, the first half of the test the nurses/doctors kept checking the wires because they thought the data was not correctly recording my vitals. I was not breathing heavy, sweating, nor was my heart rate up. At the end of the test they asked me if I run, which I replied no, not in years, but prior to joining the military I would run daily and over time I have slowly stopped. I suspected that my youth contributed to me being healthy for so long.

Fast forward many years later, I am 49 now. I started reflected back on my life and 50 is right around the corner. So I have decided to make a few changes in my life. The first one is to drop the weight, Since at the time of this blog post I am coming in at 330 pounds which according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute my Body Mass Index (BMI) is 53.3. I am classified as Obese Class III (Very severely obese). and based of the BMI charts I need to bring my weight down to 118-155 pounds. When I joined the US Navy, I weight only 115 pounds. I’ll never see that again but 145 should be attenable.

If I can get my weight down under 200 pounds then I would like to re-energize my life by getting back into the mountains and exploring the wild. Get back into photography and traveling once more along with other activities. Stay tuned.

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