My Food Journal

I did not like any of the journals out there so I made the command decision to create one myself and track it on my writing tablet. Here is the breakdown of my daily tracker.

The daily tracking is by month, date and day which of course is important. I’ve added the daily weigh in and what the daily change is so that I can track my daily weight change allowing me to see what’s working and not and give me a chance to correct the course. I have the BMI to remind me where I am with my BMI goals. I know this is not going to change much, but its important to know where you are at during the process.

Since I am diabetic I need to track my blood glucose, I created some lines for that. I am only planning at this time to track my blood glucose in the morning, but there might be times I need to check the numbers at another time.

I plan on tracking my physical activities as well as planning to get up and move around at least four times a day and for 20 minutes minimum a day. This will be hard, since my back issues and being over weight has made this more difficult. It is a start, and hopefully as I start to heal my self, I can increase this more.

The next sections are my food activities that I want to remind me what I am allowed or not allowed. Reminders what the limits are and tracking my hunger levels at each meal. I plan on tracking each of the foods that I eat. To start I am really only focusing on the servings and carbohydrates. I will track the other items as well but its not as important right now in this stage.

Here is what the journal looks like.

You can download it from HERE.

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