Weekly Measurements

Another tool that I created is a Weekly tracker, that allows you to track a years worth of measurements.

It is important to perform these measurements on the same day each week and if possible around the same time. By doing this, you will have a consistent timeline of your body’s changes. It helps to have someone else performing the measurements.

The breakdown of the two rows are as follows:

Date MM/DD: Hopefully this is self explanatory and it if is not, simply write in the month and date.

Change -/+: Enter all changes, no matter good or bad, this is where you will see the total changes week to week, and know if you have to make adjustments, or keep doing what you’re doing.

For the remaining measurements you are going to want to stand tall and stay relaxed.


  • Make sure your shoulders are not hunched.
  • The measuring tape should go around the neck and over the Adam’s apple location. Ladies, don’t get confused you won’t find an Adam’s apple:).


  • Start your measurement at the center of your pectoral muscle (middle of your chest) and wrap the tape measure around until it meets in the center.


  • For this measurement start at the belly button and you guessed it, go all the way around.


  • The measuring tape end should be placed over the mid-section of the buttocks.


  • Choose either the right or left arm, this will be the arm that will be used to measure each week.
  • Place your arm out straight perpendicularly to your body.
  • Place your other hand’s four fingers in the crease of your elbow.
  • From the mark of the pointer finger, fourth finger away from the elbow crease, take the measurements around the arm.


  • Choose either the right or left wrist, this will be the wrist that will be used to measure each week.
  • Place your arm out straight perpendicularly to your body.
  • Measure around the wrist in the same place where you normally wear a watch.


  • Mark the point where your thumb hits your thigh.
  • From the mark, measure around the thigh.


  • Right above the ankle bone on the inside of your leg mark and measure around the ankle.


  • Starting your second week you will be able to add/subtract the total inches gained or lost for each measurement and this is the total of inches gained or lost for the week.
  • If you choose not to use the tracker, once you take your measurements, you could document it on a whiteboard like I plan to do to have a visual reminder of my progress.

To download a copy of my Weekly Measurements cheat sheet click HERE.

Let me know if this adds any value and if you have any specific questions or requests for information.

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