Week 3

I’ve travelled a very interesting road with Week three. There were many potholes along the way requiring me to pay a little more attention to the road ahead. I had a few Red Bulls and Panera breakfast this week which I am not proud of and the results reflected my inappropriate decisions. I know part of that is due to me stopping my medications in last couple of weeks; however, I plan to restart them this week. Part of me wanted a baseline without the medication and starting this week my next baseline will be with medication. Just don’t tell my doctor I stopped, I know not taking my medication is not recommended.

What were the PROs for this week?

  • Energy: I have an increase of energy, both physically and mentally.
  • Focus: My focus is more on point, though I still go squirrel a bit.
  • Eyes: Dry eyes are always an issue for me and guess what they are not at all red. My eye sight seems a little better as well.
  • Hunger: I am not as hungry as I use to be, and I am eating whenever and whatever I want as long as it is WFPB (Whole-food plant-based), minus the potholes.

What were the CONs for this week? WARNING: THIS MAY BE TMI…If you don’t want to know, don’t keep reading!

  • Flatulence: This could be considered a CON, depending on what you’re into. There has been uncontrollable release day and night, though some are controllable, most are not and it seems to never end regardless where I am and without warning. (Wife is rolling her eyes and doesn’t believe me as she’s been stuck with me and the dogs who have also acquired a taste for hummus).
  • Garlic: According to my love, I smell like garlic, body, breath even though I brushed, washed. It is still there due to the increase of garlic I suspect.
  • Headaches: A few minor headaches due to the sugar withdrawal once again.
  • Urination: I am “dehydrating” more frequently throughout the day.
  • Defecating: There has been a huge increase of this each day. I am doing this at least four times a day. The amount coming out is a lot, sometimes at least a pound at a time. Apparently i am getting a lot of fiber.
  • Water: Need to drink more water, I have not reached for the water as much this week. I am drinking about 1/2 gallon a day right now. I would like to get that back up to 1 gallon next week.
  • Eating: I find myself eating a lot more slowly now. Most meals take me no less than 30 minutes, typically before this lifestyle change I would be done within 10 minutes.

OKAY YOU CAN LOOK AGAIN….My plans for Week 4:

  • Medication: Rebooting back onto my medication as prescribed by my doctor.
  • Blood Sugar: Testing more this week to see how the medication affects this diet. Wednesday, I will test every 15 minutes up to two hours after each meal to track.
  • No Red Bull, soda or eating out. I will prepare snacks and drinks prior to heading out the house for anything.
  • Documentation: I will be documenting each meal with photos.
  • Try my hand at cooking more complex recipes this week for at least two meals.

Here are my numbers for Week 3:

  • With all the potholes this week, I still did good. Next week will need to be better. Plan, prepare and execute.
Week #3 measurements = minus 4.5 total inches since November 29, 2020.
Week #3 blood sugar ranges
Body Mass Index is down from 52.7 (-2.7)

Here is the Youtube update

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