Week 5

Not one of my better weeks, since I was not feeling good. I did not really eat healthy this week either as there was a lot going on and I was not as prepared as I should have been. I am learning more about this lifestyle and diabetes. I stumbled on a condition called phantom hypoglycemia which occurs when when your brain thinks it is starving. I really think this is what just happened and I was not as prepared for it either. Although I lost weight and inches, it was not as much as I wanted to see.

What I want to change this week, is meal planning. I will work on planning my meals now, and if possible grab what I need with me when I leave the house for any reason. I will be focusing on eating healthy greens, and that should make up at least 50% of my plate while the other 50% will be starchy food.

Another thing I am changing is the number of times I check my blood sugar. I will start checking it up as soon as I wake, before eating anything. I feel as though my glucose is under control I no longer feel it as important to check it as often as I have been.

Week 6 starts now and I want to see another successful week.

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