Week 7 – Goal 2 started

It is safe to say that I did not follow my lifestyle plan much last week. Partly because I had two days in a row were my blood sugar was low. The first day’s number was 78 and then it was 59. It has never been this low before and I was a little more worried than I have been since I started checking my levels. I was so nervous that I drank a couple of Red Bulls and ate a number of off plan meals throughout the week. It wasn’t all bad, I did lose 4 inches for a grand total of 12.5 inches in total.

I talked to a couple of Type 1 diabetics for their thoughts on my numbers and if I should be worried about my level in the 50’s. Both said yes that I need to make sure that it does not dip into the 40’s because that would be extremely. I was freaked out and went back to some bad habits.

It was not until I talked to a good buddy of mine, Matt, who explained diabetes to me in a way that actually made sense in a way no one else has been able to . First, Matt explained that the meters used to check sugar levels tend to have a high failure rate. He suggested next time to check again in 15 minutes to verify if it was a bad reading. I did not think about this, probably because I was a freaked out about the diet being bad for me, more than I even considered the meter or the reading being faulty.

The next thing Matt did was explain to me how and why diabetes is bad for everyone. He explained that sugar in the blood is hard on the cardiovascular system causing wear and tear a lot faster when you are diabetic. The sugar acts like sand paper eating away at the arteries and heart, which is why we are more prone to the issues. I really wish I would have recorded the discussion and linked it here for everyone. I might have to sync with him again and get it recorded for everyone. Matt is one of those people who knows a lot of things about a lot of things.

I think the hardest part is getting back on track now, and trying to refocus my efforts.

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