Week 8 – 11

I’ve returned to catch up on the last four weeks of not publishing any posts and disappearing from the world. I am not sure exactly where I sabotaged my weight loss plan at but it was between weeks 9 and 10.

I know that I am not mentally strong enough when it comes to inappropriate foods. As nutty as it sounds there are many times that my mind will argue with itself and try to talk me into something like RedBull, Coke or off plan foods. Other times, watching family members and/or someone eat or drink something that is not on my plan makes the situation worse. If you ask me what about such and such, odds are I am going to say yes right away, then regret it after I have finished. Regretting it and beating my self up mentally after I finished whatever it was I ate or drank. I know I should not do this, but I am the type of person who constantly evaluates myself and others all the time, analyzing, questioning motives, reasons and logic behind things that are said and done. Something I have always done and always will.

Today is Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2021. Today I plan on enjoying my day with my wife, and then re-focus backing on my eating habits and continue achieve my weight loss goals. That includes trying to re-gain my health starting tomorrow morning.

What is it going to be like getting back on track. Well I will get the headaches, sensitivity to light, nausea and body aches all over again. Something I seem to go through every time I stop the sugar, caffeine, and junk food. Each time I decide not to take anything for the symptoms as a question to myself, if junk food isn’t so bad for you, why is the withdrawal so horrible?

Come the end of Week 12, I will restart my official weekly weigh ins, and measurements. I typically weigh my self every day, and I am happy to say that I am still under 300 pounds, but barely. So here is to a new week.

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