The Twinkie Diet

For those individuals who do not know what a Twinkie is; it’s a glorious golden sponge cake stuffed with a creamy filling. Credit goes, to James Alexander Dewar on April 6, 1930 when he realized several machines used for making cream-filled strawberry shortcake sat idle, in his factory, he filled them with banana cream and

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My Thoughts on Raw Honey while on WFPB

A “Vegan” is a person who does not eat any food derived from animals and who typically does not use other animal products. Simply put, they do not use or eat anything that is a byproduct of an animal, regardless what it is. Honey is one of these things that vegans claim to not take

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Week 8 – 11

I’ve returned to catch up on the last four weeks of not publishing any posts and disappearing from the world. I am not sure exactly where I sabotaged my weight loss plan at but it was between weeks 9 and 10. I know that I am not mentally strong enough when it comes to inappropriate

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Week 7 – Goal 2 started

It is safe to say that I did not follow my lifestyle plan much last week. Partly because I had two days in a row were my blood sugar was low. The first day’s number was 78 and then it was 59. It has never been this low before and I was a little more

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