Weekly Results

Week 8 – 11

I’ve returned to catch up on the last four weeks of not publishing any posts and disappearing from the world. I am not sure exactly where I sabotaged my weight loss plan at but it was between weeks 9 and 10. I know that I am not mentally strong enough when it comes to inappropriate

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Week 7 – Goal 2 started

It is safe to say that I did not follow my lifestyle plan much last week. Partly because I had two days in a row were my blood sugar was low. The first day’s number was 78 and then it was 59. It has never been this low before and I was a little more

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Week 6 – Goal #1 Achieved!

On January 10, 2021, the start of my official journey was recorded. Although this article is a few days late, I wanted to report that I met my first goal. I now weigh less that 300 pounds….299.4 to be exact! I’ve lost a total of 27 lbs. on the Whole-Food Plant-Base (WFPD) diet, but a

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Week 5

Not one of my better weeks, since I was not feeling good. I did not really eat healthy this week either as there was a lot going on and I was not as prepared as I should have been. I am learning more about this lifestyle and diabetes. I stumbled on a condition called phantom

Week 4

Another successful week down and more of my unwanted weight gone even though there was a major holiday last week. Not as good as I would have liked, but closer to my first goal to weigh less than 300 pounds. When I reach that goal, it will be the first time I have been under

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Week 3

I’ve travelled a very interesting road with Week three. There were many potholes along the way requiring me to pay a little more attention to the road ahead. I had a few Red Bulls and Panera breakfast this week which I am not proud of and the results reflected my inappropriate decisions. I know part

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Week 2

Week 2 has been a great week for me. Yes there were a few bumps in the road, but nothing that took me off the path of my plant based diet. I tried a few “vegan” options (cookies w/oil) that aren’t going to work for me going forward. Another bump was the delicious batch of

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Week 1

Hooray! I survived week 1 of my plant based diet. Oddly enough I am not craving any of the foods that I love to eat, or the temptation of my wife’s cooking. I’m okay even seeing what other people are eating. The desire to have what everyone else is having, easily made me fall off

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