Weird World of Diets

This is my series of articles that talks about the different types of diets out there in this weird crazy world. I don’t advocate any of these diets and I am not recommending or promoting one over another. Instead I am only bringing the knowledge about each of the thousands of diets.

Low-Carbon Diet

So first thing to know is that a low-carbon diet is not a low-carb diet, though it is commonly mistaken as such. Low-carbon is a lifestyle choice centered around reducing the impact of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGe). While choosing this diet one is hoping to develop a sustainable diet that increases the long-term sustainability of

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Diets, diets, diets

For as long as I can remember my Mother has been trying to lose weight, by trying different diets, but continues to struggle today. Back in the early 1970s I got my first glimpse of the horrors of dieting when my mother decided to go on a diet. She started taking an appetite-suppressant candy that

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